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  1. About Me!

    Emrah BAYILDIRAN                                                                                   EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT & TRANSLATOR

    When I was a kid, I got only one dream, and yes I realized it! for about 7 years, since 2005, just after my return from London, I am now giving interpreting support to indivudials and key managers of most popular sectors, recent

    being passionate...

    I worked in large scaled construction Projects. I gained my first international experience in Algeria's East-West Motorway Project by COJAAL. I worked for MAKYOL as an Admin. Assistant & Translator. (2008-2010)

    In Erzincan/İliç, similar role was given to me by Alacer Gold,  in their Gold Mine Construction Project. I supported the expatriate construction crew at the site as an Admin. Assistant & translator. (Sep 2010 - March 2011)

    I believe in lifelong education, and so, currently studying on my 2nd Bachelors degree in Public Relations...
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  2. Resume!

    My Resume

    Here's my brief profile/resume. Please Contact for my detailed CV.



    Never quit! only people who never give up will get what he wants. / Abraham Lincoln

    Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. / Auguste Rodin

    Tercumen.Net Translation Office, Çorlu
    Sworn Translator, May 2011Present
    Alacer Gold Corporation, Erzincan
    Admin Assistant, Sep 2010Mar 2011
    Makyol Construction Co. Inc. Algeria
    Communication Officer, Sep 2008Apr 2010

    Ms Word, Outlook
    Full professional proficiency.
    Ms Powerpoint
    Full professional proficiency..
    Ms Excel
    Limited working proficiency. (can create and work on basic spreadsheets, cannot write macros)

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    Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. / Albert Einstein.

    BA, Istanbul University,
    Public Relations and Publicity
    BS, Anadolu University,
    Business Administration & Management
    AAS, Suleyman Demirel University,
    Office Man. & Administrative Assistantship

    Academic Achievement

    S. Demirel Uni. - Certificate of Honour \2003
    Ist. Technical. Uni - MIS Certificate \2008
    ECDL - \2008

    Artistic Activities

    Int. Open Poetry Contest - Semi Finalist \2002
    Batman Comics Mag. - Charcoal Drawing \1996
    Fest. de Folkl. Amateur - Canada/Quebec \1998

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    Useful Links

    About Construction Projects that I joined
    COJAAL - Motorway Project - visit site »
    Alacer Gold - Goldmine Project - visit site »
    Hire me for your Projects - more info »
    Office Work
    Tercumen.Net - visit site »
    Academy English Edu.- visit site »
    More About Me
    Why Communication? - visit site »
    Why Translation? - visit site »
    Why Assistance? - visit site »


    Consecutive and Written Translation
    Administration Assistance
    Public Relations and Communication


    " Mr. Bayildiran has become an excellent team player and has shown initiative, enthusiasm and diligence in performing his duties. "
    Andrew F. Kaczmarek / Vice President / Alacer Gold

    " I highly recommend him because, beyond his professional competence, he is the sort of individual who brightens up an organization just by his presence, something that cannot be taught, only appreciated.. "
    Mark Perczuk / Project Manager / Alacer Gold

    " ...his interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships... "
    Kazunao YOKOTA / Section Manager / COJAAL C7

    " ...Mr. Bayildiran has carried out the correspondence, liaison and translation work of East-West Motorway Project/Algeria... "
    Halil Ibrahim KURUL / Project Manager C7 / Mak-Yol

  3. Showcase!

    References & Achievements

    Since a plain resume can't capture all the colors of my experience, here's the Visual Portfolio of my past. Please click thumbnails to get more information , use upright button to expand the image .



    Goldmine Plant Construction - ERZINCAN

    Çöpler Site is an open-pit mine located 120km southwest of Erzincan City in the eastern part of Turkiye. The estimated cost of the project is $250m.

    I got hired to overcome miscommunication problems in the construction field. The project team was looking for an exceptional translator & communication problem-solver. Luckily, they dealt with me :)

    visit site »


    Highway Construction - ALGERIA

    The world’s largest ongoing highway construction project, $11,2b. Financed by the Algerian Government.

    Managing body of the Project is a japanese consortium, COJAAL (Kajima, Taisei, Hazama, Nishimatsu, Itochu). The first international experience gained by me, in this enormous project!

    visit site »


    Tercumen Translation Office - CORLU

    Tercumen is a local interpretation agency. Founded in 2005.

    I am currently working with their team and we're offering such solutions provided below;

    along with consecutive interpretation & guidance service in business meetings and corporation dinners, Sworn, Notarized, Legal & Private Document translations, etc. are also supplied.

    visit site »

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